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Jul. 28th, 2009

Jessi's doctor on local news

Hello Everyone,
Last night on our local news was a lady that survived a brain aneurysm and Jessi's doctor was the one that save her life, through God's gracious of course.  In the interview it shows the process that is used in coiling the aneurysm which I thought might help you guys understand a bit better what Jessi has gone through time and time again.  Hope this link works.
Jessi is doing fine and has been busy practicing for The Sound of Music play that she is in, she is playing a nun in training.  School is starting next week and she is not looking forward to that.  She enjoys her summer way to much. 

Jul. 2nd, 2009

Back home

I am so sorry that I did not update you guys on Wednesday but after getting only 3 hours of sleep the night before Terry, Jessica and I came home and went to sleep. Jessi ‘s doctor said that the remaining aneurysm, the only one that does not have coils in it, has not grown or did not get any smaller. Just like he had said before, if he would put coils in this one it would give her a stroke and she would have some reproductions from it. He thinks that small blood vessels will form over time to bypass the aneurysm which will eventfully block itself off. She should not have a stroke when it does block itself off because of the bypass.  So too make a long story short, he wants to let the body try and take care of itself. In the beginning, Jessi’s doctor wasn’t sure if she was going to make it but now he is amazed how well she is doing. The only reason Jessi lives on today is through Gods gracious gift called a miracle. If you have been following Jessi’s story you have witness God’s love for us. I sure hope that your faith has deepen just has mine has. My life has changed in many ways since going through this experience. Through Jessi’s suffering I have learned that you must totally trust in the LORD. My love for God has grown and I have gotten closer to Him. I will never forget the day that I watched as they roll my little girl away to the operating room not knowing if she would return to me. It was so hard to let her go. Being her mother I just wanted to go with her to hold her hand and let her know that I was right there with her but they wouldn’t let me go. I was scared to death. Terry and I went into the chapel and prayed; we told God that we put Jessica faith in His hands knowing that the outcome may not be what we wanted. We wanted His will to be done not ours. After we left the chapel, I stood alone looking down the long hall where Jessica disappeared. I can’t even begin to tell you how I felt at the time. All I knew that I felt pretty horrible. Than all of a sudden I felt an arm around my shoulder. God put His arm around me to comfort me and to let me know that He was there with me. It is a touch that I will never forget. Please continue to pray that God’s will will be done. After what Jess has survived so far, I believe that He wants Jessi to continue to spread His love by brighten up those that surround her by her warm personality and her gorgeous smile. Jessica doesn’t have to go back and see her doctor until next year. Yay!! Hopefully at that time those little blood vessels have formed and the third aneurysm is no longer a threat.   

Jul. 1st, 2009


So, Jessi is definitely well.  I just spoke with her, and we were chit chatting about the latest teen fiction books.
Oh, and all she wants right now are beignets from Cafe Du Monde and Cane's chicken.  Please note, that despite what Jessi says, the idea for a powdered sugar fight at Cafe Du Monde did NOT originate with me! ;-)

Meanwhile, the little gentlemen currently in my charge are finally awake and in full energy mode.  Somehow my two little cousins are more energetic than my classroom of third graders!  How is that possible?  Eh, well, its a test of stamina.


Good news!

How exciting!  Not even an hour since my original post today, and already we have good news to share!  :-)  Jessi is out of surgery, and everything went well.  After seeing what's going on inside of her head, Jessi's doctor has decide to not do any new procedure with the aneurism today.  He is quite happy with Jessi's progress so far, and hopes she has a great summer.  What a relief!!!  So Jessi will be leaving the hospital to go home in about 2 hours.

Ya know, I always new Jessi was smart, but somehow her head continues to amaze me!  Ha.

Please share the news with anyone else in "Jessi's Club," and continue to have a wonderful Wednesday. 

(the cousin)

Surgery Today

Good Morning!!!  It has been awhile since I've had a chance to write to what I refer to as "Jessi's Club."  I hope all is well with each of you.

Well, it was an early morning for Jessi today. She was up at about 4am, and off to see her trusted doctors.  Now, it is about 10 minutes until 8 this morning, and I just received word that Jessi has gone in for surgery.  Let's continue to pray that all goes well. 

... More updates to come soon.

Much love,
Emi (Jessi's cousin)

Jun. 23rd, 2009

Surgery postpone

There has been a change in plan.  Jessi‘s surgery has been postpone until July 1.  Sunday night Jess had fever and coughing so on Monday morning knowing that her surgery was Wednesday I bought her to the pediatrician.  He said that she has a viral infection and that the surgery should be postponed.  When I got home there was a message from the doctor’s office saying the doctor had to postpone that surgery.  I guess that it just wasn’t meant for Jess to have the surgery on Wednesday.  Maybe God thought that she a few more prayers, so keep those prayers going up to heaven.   Thanks again.  I will keep this site up to date as things progress.  Love, Janice

Jun. 17th, 2009

Can't seem to get to sleep

As I lay in my bed trying to fall asleep many thoughts are clouding my mind. I just can’t seem to get them out of my head. As I continue to pray I just can’t seem to concentrate. A thought came into my mind to get up and post what I was going through on Jessi journal; so here it is.Tomorrow I have to bring Jess to the hospital for her pre-op and reality is starting to set in again. I know that some of you guys think that Terry and I are very strong people but I must say God gave us this wonderful gift of being human and we humans have feelings and thoughts. I am very scared of the unknown but mostly I am afraid that I will not have the strength to handle it. Have you ever had to totally trust God? Most people go through life and never have to think about that question. Well Terry and I have had to put our daughter’s faith in His hands. I have no doubt that the good Lord will protect Jess and be by her side every moment just as He will do for the rest of the family. As these upcoming days approach only one set of footsteps will be seen in the sand because God will be carrying me just as He has done before.   At one moment when Jessi was in one of her first surgeries and I was scared and worried I felt His arm around me trying to comfort me. This is something that I will never forget. At that moment I really needed Him and He let me know that He was at my side. I am so lucky to have God in my life. I could never have made it though these difficult times without God at my side. Please pray for Jessi, Terry, Nick, myself and the rest of our family to get though this next hurdle that we are approaching in our lives. Thanks you once again for your continual support. It really means a lot to us. Love, Janice               

Jun. 16th, 2009

a note from Jess

Hey! This is Jess and I just wanted to thank everyone who has posted and has kept up with this web site! It is really kind and thoughtful! I have been having a lot of fun and have been very busy with sports and the importance of summer! I am loving the summer so far and just tried out for a play so I hope I get the part. Even if I don't I will be happy with whatever! I'll just leave it in God's hands. Well, I hope everyone is doing good and I hope that yall have the best summer ever!

Jun. 3rd, 2009

Aniogram Scheduled

Hello Everyone,

Jessi had a wonderful school year finishing with straight A’s. She is now enjoying her summer and is getting ready for high school next year. We just went for her 6 month MRA check up the other day. It took the tech 4 scans before they got a decent one for the doctor to view. Her doctor came into the room and said that he, Jessi’s neurosurgeon and the head pediatrician from Children’s Hospital were just talking about her. At the time, there was a 13 year old kid in the PICU with a very bad aneurysm. The neurosurgeon remind them that when things don’t look so good sometimes they can end up good as what happen in Jessi’s case. At that moment my heart went out to that family. As the doctors discuss Jessi’s third aneurysm that has not been coiled yet, the doctor from Children’s said that in his years of experience he would leave it alone and just keep a close eye on it. That was Dr. Dawson’s intend until he saw the MRA. He said that the aneurysm did not get any larger but it didn’t get any smaller in which he was hoping it would. You could see how torn he is about the whole situation. His decision was to do another angiogram so that he could get a good look at what is going on.   During the angiogram if he could he would put coils in it to block it off. At that point I reminded him what he said before about blocking this aneurysm off, that it would give her a stroke. He said that is why he would have the neurosurgeon in during the angiogram. If they decide that it cannot be coiled they would regroup and talk about open brain surgery. Please pray that the LORD guides Jessi’s doctors in their decision making and that He gives us the strength to deal with whatever HE has in stored for her. I still believe that GOD has Jessi best interest in His hands and we must trust HIM. Jessi’s angiogram is scheduled for June 24. I will make sure that someone is updating that site while we are at the hospital. Until then take care and God bless you. Thanks again for your concerns, prayers and support. It means a lot to Terry and I. Love, Janice

Mar. 12th, 2009

Can you believe 2 years

That's right.  It has been two years now since God has given Jessi the miracle of life. In reality, it was her second miracle, the first being the beginning of her life. As we all know God has a special plan for each one of His children before we were even born. It mustn’t have been His plan to take Jessi away from us at this time in her life. Two years ago today while turning in Girl Scout cookie money, Jessi was complaining about a very bad headache. I can still picture her in my car holder her head telling me how much her head hurt. Little did I know it could have been the end of her life right than in there but thanks to God it wasn’t. Sometimes I think to myself ,“why didn't you take her to the hospital at that very moment”. I never knew that a headache could be so fatal until now. Sometimes I think that it was Gods way of showing us that He still perform miracles even though Jesus is not physically here on this earth. Anything is possible with God.  Whatever may be the case I know that each one of us has been touch in some kind of way by Jessi’s ill fortune. So I guess it could be said that there is some good in every bad. Now let’s talk about Jess. Jessi is still the remarkable girl that everyone knows. She is always thinking positive and looking ahead. Every now and then she still gets headaches which make a few more hairs on my head turn gray. But that I can handle. Just the other day I had a missed call on my cell phone and it was Jess’ school.  The very sight of a number where Jess is at at the time makes my heart skipped a few beats.  I called the school back and no one answered. My heart skipped a few more beats than I went in to check the answering machine inside and found a message from my little girl that said, “Mom I forgot my math homework, could you please bring it to me”.  What a relief.  The human being that we are sometimes forgets that our lives are in God hands. So don’t worry, be happy, because we are in good hands. God knows what is best for each one of us and we just have to trust Him. Well I have to post this now so it will be on the anniversary of Jess’ miracle. Please take the time now and pray thanking God for your daily gift of life. God Bless you.

Dec. 8th, 2008

Pictures from Paris

Pictures from London

What a wonderful time...

Hello Everyone,

First, I will start off with Jessi’s Make-A-Wish trip than I will tell you about her doctor’s appointment.  We had a wonderful trip to London.  I think the only thing that Jess didn’t like about London was the food and not having drinks with ice in them.  Oh, and one more thing that she didn’t like, it was having to come home.  If it was up to her she would live in London.  She loved riding around the city on the double-decker buses and yes we always sat on top no matter how cold it was.  Jess really loved the beautiful architecture and the abundance of history that the museums offered.  Knowing how much Jessi loves Harry Potter, Make-A-Wish arranged for a private tour of Oxford University which is where parts of the movies were filmed.  She was totally on top of the world that day.  On another note, I must tell you a thought that I had when seeing Big Ben.  It reminded me just how valuable our time is together here on earth.  There is not a minute that goes by in my life that I do not appreciate what God gives me.  Thanks to Make-A-Wish we were able to experience Jessi dream, one that I knew we would never be able to give to her. 

Monday Jess had an MRA done followed by a doctor’s visit.  Her doctor told us that the two aneurysms that had been pervious coiled looked good.  The third aneurysm did not get smaller like he was hoping it would over that past year.  The doctor said that he is going to give it 6 more months than he will try and put coils in it.  If for some reason he cannot put coils in it he is going to talk to us about doing brain surgery.  I am not even thinking about the later because I just know that God is going to take care of her.  I believe that with everyone joining together in pray this third aneurysm is not going to pose any problems.  We must just have faith, pray to God, and put it in His hands.  God Bless You.

Nov. 14th, 2008


Hello Everyone,

I haven’t written in awhile because just last month we moved.  We had very short notice of the moving date which made things very hectic.  We are now in our new house and are trying to get settled in.  Jessi has been doing very well.  I spoke to her doctor about scheduling her next MRI for Thanksgiving week while she is out of school.  The doctor has not confirmed on a date yet but when I know I will post it on the blog.  Over a year ago, Jessi made a wish with The Make a Wish Foundation and last night we got the call that gave us great news.  The sponsor said that we will be leaving on Sun, that’s right this Sun, for England.  Jess was so excited when she heard the news.  Jessi has always loved England and always wanted to go there one day.  Jess always tells me that she has to go to college and get a good job so that one day she could afford to go.  By the grace of God her dream is coming true.  Since last night when we received the news thoughts keep flashing back and forth in my head.  I think of when Jessi was lying there in the hospital in such great pain not knowing what the next minute would bring to us than it clicks to seeing her smiling face when she heard the news of going to London.  Only God could be behind this happening.  Terry and I feel so undeserving for God’s graciousness.  I am reminded everyday of God’s presence in our lives and how good He is to us.  I still thank Him every day for giving me one more day with this beautiful child.  I must go now the Make A Wish person is here.  I will be sure to post after returning home.  Please say a pray for us that we have a safe trip.  Thank you.

Aug. 21st, 2008

Update Aug 2008

Hello Once Again,

We have had a very very busy summer. Let’s see playing softball, baseball, trying to sell our house, trying to find a house to buy, Jessi working at Storyland in New Orleans and spending time with my mom and dad.   That’s right Jessi play her favorite sport, softball.  Who would have ever thought she would be on that field playing after what she has been though.  Jessi has been doing great: no headaches, no problems with her vision, no problems at all.  Praise the Lord.  Her biggest ordeal has been with her hair growing out, remember she had lost a lot of her hair during all of her procedures, and for a 13 year old girl that is a big deal.  She has had a great attitude though.  The next plan of action will be at the end of the year when she goes back for the doctor to check on the last aneurysm that he hasn’t done anything to.  Just to bring you up to date during her last operation her doctor block off a vein so that the blood would flow in one direction in her brain to relieve any pressure on that last aneurysm (if he would have to block off this last aneurysm it would give her a stroke and he is trying to avoid this).  The doctor is hoping that within this last year the aneurysm will shrink down to a normal size vein and he will not have to do anything.  Hopefully after this next operation it will just be for check- ups from that point.  Jessi is now back in school, she is in the 8th grade and she is taking three 9th grade classes and is playing in the band.  Monday she will try-out for the track team at her school.  God has truly blessed this child with many talents.  I am not just talking about her athletic ability, or singing and acting abilities, or the fact that she strives to do her best in school, I am talking about her gift to love and touch other people or the way see looks at things in the world and sees it as God’s beautiful creations.  She definitely opens my eyes all the time.  When I look at something I see it for what it is, when Jessi looks at it she sees Gods love for us.  It is definitely a gift that God has given her.  As it helps me see His creations I wish that it could help others too.  I wish that each and every one of you could meet her one day and you will see what I mean.  To me I can actually see Gods love being passed from her to others.    

Often times we question Gods will and may think why God would do this to us.  Or there may be times when we pray for something and think that God is not listening because we are not getting what we are praying for or asking for, it is not this at all.  What we must remember is that we are His children and He knows what is best for us.  We must just have faith in Him and accept what He does give us.  How often does one think, I wish I didn’t have to wear glasses or why did God make me have one leg shorter that the other and I walk with a limp.  Instead be thankful that you can see or that you can walk.  Often times, the people with disabilities are the ones that appreciate what they do have and not dwell on what they don’t  have.  A good friend sent me this email of a guy that was born with no arms and he always wanted to play the guitar like his father.  Well, God gave him a special gift to play with his feet.  Watching this video really moved me as it will move you.  Here are some links to check out, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GF9wo9sVn2c  and  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VnEXl_AwIq0&feature=related

This guy has such faith in the Lord.   Before Jessi's ordeal I prayed that I would get closer to God and though her illness I did.  Yes, I had faith before but now it is so much stronger.  I see God now every day in my life, in just about every waking minute.  God is all around us, He is there for us when we suffer, He is there when we rejoice; just as here was there for us when Jessi was first diagnosed with three brain aneurysms.  It was the faith of all of those who prayed for her that God heard.  When you see Jessi , it is a reminder that He was listening to us.  He heard our prays and He sent us a miracle.  Thank you for having the faith that you do, it does make a difference.  God bless you always, Janice

P.S. I am not sure if anyone is checking the prayers4jessi web site anymore so if you could please respond or email me so I that I know I should continue to update the site.  My email address is lacrawgator@yahoo.com.  Thanks again.


Apr. 2nd, 2008

God is still in control

Hello Everyone,

I had intentions of writing to you yesterday about the day before but something totally drained me and I couldn’t find the strength to write.  First, I will tell you about what I originally wanted to write about.  When I woke up on March 31st while I was praying and thanking God an image of Jess popped into my head.  It was an image of Jessi one year ago, on her birthday; she had dark circles under her eyes and looked very weak.  It reminded me of how much progress she has made over the past year.  With the help of God, Jess has her awesome smile back, the look of strength, and endless beauty surrounding her.   Man, a lot has happen in a year’s time.  We started out as having a normal life, to facing a life threaten situation, to having our life back to almost normal.  Can you believe all of this in just one year?  What a year.  There is no way we could have made it on this journey without the love, support and prays from our family and friends.  Thank you again.  Now onto what totally drained me yesterday.  Jess has been doing awesome over the past few months with no complications until yesterday.  Yesterday I had a quick rewind of the past year in a matter of seconds.  It started when I checked Jessi out of school for a dentist appointment.  When we got in the car she told me that she wasn’t feeling good and that she almost called me to come get her sooner.  I asked her what was wrong and she proceeded to tell me what was going on.  While in band, she started to feel nauseous, got a bad headache, and had very bad blurred vision.  Needless to say hearing this totally drained me.   I felt lifeless.  All of could do was to think that these combined are the symptoms of an aneurysm.  Could it be happening again?  While driving I started asking her a bunch of questions.  The headache was a 7 on a scale of 1-10 and the blurred vision lasted of about 30 to 45 minutes (way longer than it ever did before).  The first chance I got I called her doctor to let him know what had happen.   Throughout the day the headache diminished and she was looking her usual self again.  I sure wished that I could bounce back that quickly; on the other hand I was an emotional wrecked again.  The doctor returned my call yesterday evening and said that it is a low chance that this was anything serious. The fact that the symptoms went away is a good sign.   Hearing that was good but it still leaves unanswered questions; why did this happen.   Only the good Lord knows that answer.  In the mean time, this serves as a reminder that God is the controller of our lives and He will do what is best of His children.   Live your life to the fullest because you do not know what tomorrow will bring.  Never put off what you can do today until tomorrow and never leave any stone unturned for we never know when God will call us home.  Take care and God Bless you, Janice          

Mar. 13th, 2008

A day to be thankful for

First of all, I truly apologize that it has been a while since I last written; my computer died it we had to purchase a new one.  The big question-how is Jessi doing?  Well I must say that she is doing wonderfully.  She has moved on with her life and has put this past year in her memories.  It is still hard to keep her only doing the things that she should be doing.  Jessi is the type of person that wants to do it all.  Jess has always succeeded in everything that she has put her mind to doing.  Everything that she does she gives it her all.  So it doesn’t at all surprise me that she has made it though this difficult time.  Every time she touches something she doesn’t stop until she has mastered it- weather it is her school work, special projects that she does for school, religion, acting, learning how to play a musical instrument or playing sports.  Jess has put her faith in the Lord and she knows that He will take care of her so in return she gives everything that comes her way all she has, except maybe keeping her room clean.  I can say this because am her mother and I have that right.  Anyway I have something else that I would like to write about right now.  Today is a special day in my eyes (March 13, 2008).  A year ago today is when Jessi’s aneurysm had ruptured.  Now one may be questioning why I think that this is a special day.  I will tell you.  Jessica would not be here with us today if God had not performed the miracle that He did.  The chances of surviving a ruptured aneurysm is not too great, in fact the odds are not good at all.  There is a reason why she is still with us.  To me it really doesn’t matter why He choose to keep her on this earth the important thing is that His work was done.  This whole ordeal has opened my eyes and now I can see clearly.  In the Bible Jesus puts mud on the blind man’s eyes and tells him to go wash it off and he will be able to see.   God has given most of us the gift of sight but stop and ask yourself just how well do you really see?  Do you see only what you want to see or what is convenient?  God has opened my eyes and I see clearly now.  I have seen His works unfold right before my eyes.  I have seen the Holy Spirit in Jessica and I have witnessed the power of pray.  God has touched me when I needed His comfort.  God has changed my life for the better.  I always thought that I had a great relationship with Him but now I have a better one.  No I am not perfect and I still make mistakes but I do know that God is with me every step of the way.  When I fall or stumble He picks me up.  God is walking right beside me and I know that He will be there to carry me when I need Him to.  As you can see there are many reason why I consider this a special day.  It is a day to rejoice and to praise the Lord.  I am so much more grateful for all the wonderful things that God gives me.  We are very lucky to have God in our lives and that He shares His wonderful works of life with us.  Thank you once again for all the prayers and concerns that you have given Jessi.  We are eternally grateful.  God Bless you.  Love, Janice

Dec. 31st, 2007

It's been a long 9 months but a journey worth the lesson

 As I am getting ready to post the results from Jessi's surgery I noticed that a post that Jessi made the other day is not on here. When she wakes up I will have to tell her to wright to you guys again.  Anyway let me get to what I am writing about and it is the results from her surgery today.

It all started nine months ago with Jessi having a really bad headache.  After three days and no medicine seeming to relieve the pain, her doctor ordered a CT of the brain (this saved Jessi’s life by the way).  That Friday evening her doctor called with the results and told me that we needed to get to the hospital right away, he said that Jessi either had a brain tumor or an aneurysm and that neither of them is a good thing.  Not long after I hung up the phone is when I started praying.  We even said a rosary on the way to the hospital.  I can remember the resident on call telling us that sometimes when a scan is read the doctor may make mistakes when reading it, she seemed very optimist.  She ordered another scan.  When she called Terry and me out in the hallway I could tell by the change in her disposition that something really bad was wrong.  When she told Jessi that she had something in her brain that wasn’t suppose to be there but that she wasn’t going to die that night I think every ounce of life was drained from me.  All night Terry and I worried if our little girl would make it though the night.  It was the worst night I ever had in my life.  Negative thoughts haunted me all night long.  The more they haunted the more I prayed.  I think that I prayed all night for God to be with her.  At this point we didn’t know that the first miracle was already performed.  It was not until Saturday when a neurologist came in and told us that she had a brain aneurysm that had rupture but it did clot itself off.  He told us that she was a lucky little girl.  As I mention before that was the first miracle that God performed.  The chances of a person surviving a rupture aneurysm were not too great.  As the word spread around the world of Jess’ condition the prayers began to overflow.  I can’t even begin to tell you how many people prayed for our beautiful child.  It was overwhelming and comforting to our family to know that so many people were praying for her.  On Monday, she was transfer to another hospital because this hospital had a doctor that could put the coils in the aneurysm.  As you recall, on that day after they did the first surgery it still didn’t look very good for Jessi.   The aneurysm was a clover shape and the doctor wasn’t going to be able to put the coils in the aneurysm.  Jessi’s doctor spoke to doctors all over the country to trying to come up with a game plan.  They tried several different options but everyone failed.  Everyday that went by the chance of a re-rupture was increasing; the time was ticking and we were afraid time would run out.  During this whole time the prayers for Jess never ended.  I can remember one day her doctor came in and said “I have to do something; I am running out of time”.  He then took her into surgery again and when he came out with a sigh of relief and said that the clover aneurysm turned into three separate aneurysms in which he would be able to coil that was the second miracle.  This is when he said that he was going to church the next day to pray, I knew what had just happened.  God had listened to ALL of our prayers and placed His healing hands on His child.  I knew that no matter what happened that God would take care of Jess.  It has been a long nine months and through this journey each one of us has witnessed Gods works through Jess’ recovery.  Yes that is correct, recovery.  Today’s surgery results are: everything looks great, better than what the doctor had expected.  Jessica has been healed by almighty God.  Jessi doesn’t have to go back to the doctor until next year. Yay!  Jess had taught me that a positive attitude does make a difference in your healing and to always have faith in God.  She knew from the beginning that God was with her and she never doubted His presence.  I think that Jess has taught us all a valuable lesson that we will remember for the rest of life. 

          Thank you again for the continued support and prayers, it helped Terry and I make it through the most difficult time in our life.  God bless you!!

With love from the bottom of our hearts,

Janice and Terry


Dec. 26th, 2007

surgery date changed

Hello Everyone,


I know that I told you guys that Jessi’s surgery was going to be on December 27th but on Christmas Eve I received a call from the doctor’s office and they informed me that the date will have to be pushed back.  The reason being her doctor was out of town for Christmas and he wouldn’t make it back for the 27th date, we rescheduled it for December 31st.  At first, Jess was a little upset knowing that her New Years Eve plans was now a wash.  It didn’t take long for Jess to look for the brighter side of this situation.  She told me, “Well at least I have more time to play with my new toys”.  She is just amazing.  I could not have been more blessed then the day she came into my life.  This brought back a memory that I would like to share.  One day after Jess was diagnosed with having aneurysms I was having one of those days where nothing was going right.  I can remember angrily saying, “Nothing ever goes right”.  Jessi looks at me and says in a nice calm voice, “Mom, something did go right”.  All I could say was “you are right, Jess, things do go right in my life” and change the way I was feeling.  We all have those days, the important thing is that we just have to look at the brighter side and leave the dark behind us.  One day I was thinking; if I could have a choice of this happening to Jessi or not what would I pick.  After thinking for awhile and realizing that God is with her and protecting her I wouldn’t what to change God’s plans.  I would want Him to do whatever He had to do even if it meant making Jessi go though what she has to endure.  She is enduring what she does for God and in return, God is protecting her.  So many wonderful things have happen because of Jessi’s illness.  One example would be: people around the world joining together in His name to pray for this beautiful girl and witnessing the power of pray.  God has chosen Jessi to be His tool and I feel honored that He has chosen her.  There is only one set of footprints in the sand because God is carrying Jessica every step of the way.  He is with Jess just as He is with each one of us everyday.  It is Christmas and we should remember that God has sent us His only son to be our savior.  With that said, let us rejoice and praise God for all of His wonderful gifts.  God gives us gifts that can only come from Him; they can not be bought. That to me is the best gift of all.  Okay, I babbled on long enough.  I hope that you and your family have a blessed Christmas season just as our family have been blessed this year.  Thank you once again for all of you prays.  God Bless you.

Love, Janice


P.S. The web site will have updated status as it happens on the 31st.  

Nov. 27th, 2007

The next step

Jessi next surgery date was set yesterday and will be on December 27.  This poor child has been through so much and I know that she is not looking forward to another surgery.  To think of how much she has been through so far sadden my heart.  God continues to give her the strength that she needs to continue on this journey.  We are so fortunate of Jessi outcome so for and I know that God will continue to heal her.

          The bible says in Matthew 18:19-20… Again, I tell you that if two          of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done          for you by my Father in heaven.  For where two or three come        together in my name, there am I with them.”

I do believe that we all agree on Jessi outcome and that it will be done by our Father in heaven.  Thank you again for your continual support and prayers.

Nov. 8th, 2007

(no subject)


Jess had her appointment with the cardiologist today and all the test results were normal. Yea!!!!  I do not have the written report yet but the doctor said that Jess did not have mitral valve prolapse or anything wrong with her aortic.  This is just one more step confirming that the aneurysm is not from a genetic problem.  She doesn’t go back to see the geneticist until Jan. (this is the first appointment that we could get), at that time I am hoping that he dismisses her from his care.  I will be sure to let you know when I know more.  For now, thank you once again for all of your prays.  If you are ever in doubt whether God answers your prayers just take one look at Jessi and you will realize that He does answer your prayers.  Jess is proof that God is listening and He is always by our side.  Even if the outcome for Jess would have been different God was still listening He just had a different plan for her than we did.  Take Care and God Bless you

Nov. 6th, 2007

(no subject)

I have been trying to post this for a couple of days but something must have been wrong with the site. Anyway, Jessi has been doing wonderful lately with little side effects from her aneurysm.  Thursday she has a doctor’s appointment with a cardiologist; he will be doing an ultrasound of her heart looking for any connective tissue disease.  Like I said once before this is only a peace of mind test; Terry and I just want to make sure every t is crossed and every I is dotted.  I will let you know the results as soon as I get them.  As for now, Jess is very happy to be playing volleyball with her school. There had their first game is on Monday and won.  Go Adams!!!!  The other night Jessi and I watch Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, I am not sure if you saw this movie are not but there was a little girl in it that had leukemia.  The outcome for this little girl didn’t look so good but she was able to keep a positive attitude. She knew that they had to be more than-- life itself.  She said that she wasn’t afraid of dying but that was afraid of time, not having enough of it; time to figure out who she was suppose to be and her place in the world before she has to leave it. As we look at how Jess handled her situation with a positive attitude we realize attitude is everything. A positive attitude is a healthy attitude.  So think positive and good will come to you.

Oct. 17th, 2007

Time to rejoice and praise the Lord

Yes that is right, it is time to rejoice and praise the Lord.  I just got a call from Jessi’s doctor and he gave me the MRI results.  He said that everything is looking great and that the largest aneurysm appears to be blocked off. Amen!!  If you heard a scream today it was me thanking God.  The good Lord does listen to our prayers and He still performs miracles.  Sometimes in our busy life His works are over looked but God surrounds us with His love each and everyday.  I am so grateful to Him for the way He has taken care of Jessica and has guided all of Jessica’s doctors in the right direction regarding her care.  Always remember to trust in the Lord and He will take care of you just as He has done for His beautiful child Jessica.  God’s outcome may not always be the same outcome that we are looking for but remember that He knows what is best of each one of us.  Terry and I are also so thankful for all of the many prayers that you have said for our daughter.  If you ever had any doubt about weather your prayers were being heard, Jessi illness has defiantly confirm that someone is listening.  Each one of you has had a special part in Jessi recovery and we thank you. 

What’s next you ask?   Well, in December Jessi will have another angiogram to see just how things are looking.  Her doctor will especially be looking at the smallest aneurysm.  Hopefully everything will look good and another hurdle will be cleared.  As for now Jess has the o.k. to play volleyball.  She is very excited about this.  Thanks again for the none ending support
God Bless you. Love, Janice

Oct. 13th, 2007

Update on Jess' recent doctor visit

Hello everyone,

Yesterday I received a letter from the genetics that we saw in the beginning of October. During his physical exam he did not identify any specific syndrome that would be related with having an aneurysm.  He did say that aneurysms are associated with a number of genetic conditions which include connective tissue disorders and polycystic kidney disease.  A few of the syndromes he did not find any physical traits related to them during his exam.  He did recommend that Jessi be evaluated by Cardiologist to look for aortic root dilatation, as well as mitral valve prolapse, which are related to connective disorders.  Her appointment for this doctor is in November.  The genetics did order an ultrasound of the kidneys which turned out to be normal. 

In my heart I still feel that this was a one time thing but Terry and I would feel much better knowing that we looked at all areas and crossed all of our “t’s”.  We want to make sure Jessi gets the best medical care that we can give too her.

When I woke up this morning I had a feeling to share my dream with you.  In my dream I was talking with Jess’ doctor and he was telling me that he knows what the bible says but he is still concerned about her condition.  Now I am confused. Was this just a dream or was it a sign from above?  I was just talking with Jess’ coach because volleyball try-outs are this coming this week and she is eager to try-out.  Just about everyday she asks me to call her doctor and see if it o.k. to participate in band and P.E.  Her P.E coach said that it is hard keeping Jess on the sidelines. She is an athletic and wants to be one.  It is like keeping a stallion in the stables.  Anyway, I feel like I have to let her start doing the things she wants but I am scared that something might go wrong.  It is a hard situation to be in.  Let your child live and be happy or protect her and hold her back.  We want her to be happy but we want her to be safe.  I guess at this time I just need to pray and ask God for His direction. 

Jessi has been feeling fine.  She has had some vision problems and that is about it.  Monday we had the MRI done and we are still waiting for the results.  As soon as I get the results I will let you guys know.  I am signing off for now.  I feel like I have a bunch I spider webs in the head and I need to go pray and ask God to clear my mind.  The kids are still sleeping and it is nice a quite so that is just what I am going to do.  Thanks for listening and God Bless you.

If you every have any questions are would like to add a comment please feel free to.  

Sep. 30th, 2007

Still have to sit on the bench for now

 As I mention last time Jessi is ready to get back to her normal life which happens to include playing in the band and playing sports. Well, I did call the doctor and he said that he just can not cut her loose yet, not until he at least gets another MRI.  He then told me that things are just so close that if something were to happen it would be very bad for her.  He also said that he would never tell her that but things are just that critical.  An MRI is scheduled for Oct. 8 at which time the doctor will get a look at how things stand from the last embolization. She is still looking forward to getting that ok for volleyball tryouts.  When the doctor told me what he did it was like a slap in the face.  To be around Jessi you would think that nothing was wrong with her, like if nothing every happen, but after hearing the doctor words I realized once again that there is nothing anyone can do for her, that her destiny is in God's hands.  We all know that this is true for each one of us but how often do we think of it each and every day.  I just have to believe that she is still here for a reason other wise with her situation she would have been gone by now.  Terry and my life is now like walking on eggs, you just don't know when or if they are going to break.  What I do know is that if they do break God will gives us the strength to walk on the broken egg shells just as He help us get to where we are today.  If I know without a shadow of a doubt if this did happen that their will be only one set of footprints in the sand because God would be carrying us.  (I love the Footprints story)Truefully I don't believe we will ever have to go though this because God is taking good care of Jess and I think for some reason He wants her to be here on this earth with the rest of us. 
Tomorrow Jess has an appointment with an geneticist.  For peace of mind Terry and I just want to make sure that this was just a freak happening and not something that would effect our son or another family member.  I will post what happens later.  For now take care and God Bless You. Love, Janice

Sep. 24th, 2007

getting antsy

Jessi is still doing great. It is driving her crazy to just sit on the sides lines during PE and watch.  Jess is an athlete and loves to play sports.  The other day she asked me to call the doctor and ask him if she can play yet.  She is still hoping to get the OK by the time tryouts for the school volleyball team comes around in October.  Jessi is always looking ahead, looking for what is coming her way and not worrying about what happen in the past. With such a positive outlook and her faith in God she is only doomed to put her illness behind her and continue her walk.  In the next few weeks Jess will have another MRI and MRA to see how things are going.  I will keep you posted.  With all the prayers being said for her she will continue to get better. 

Sep. 14th, 2007

Thought for the day

Everyday when my alarm clock goes off and before my feet hit the floor I lay in bed and thank God for given me another day here on Earth.  For some reason this morning something told me that I should share that you.  So here I am letting you know.  You see Earth is what we all know and are comfortable with, we feel safe and protected.  At sometime in your life you have been told that Heaven is a much better place, and that the grass is greener in Heaven.  So tell me, why is it not easy to let go of our loved ones?  Could it be because we are selfish and don’t want to let go of what we have, is it because this is the norm for us and are comfortable.  It is not like we are letting our loved ones go with a stranger, we are letting them go home with our God.  You know the One the looks after us, protects us, the One who has given us all the wonderful things that we see, touch, smell, and hear each and everyday.  For what ever the reason is we must remember that our life is a gift from God.  Enjoy it and don’t forget to say Thank You.  God Bless you!!


Just to let you know Jess is doing great. Some minor headache and vision problems but in all she is doing fine.  She is enjoying her days at school and is hoping that the doctor will let her play volleyball in October.  She did have to take herself off of the track team because of doctor’s orders which she was really looking forward too this year but she is dealing with it pretty well.  She does find it a little hard watching all of the other kids in P.E. playing volleyball and just having to sit on the sidelines.  Jess is not a bench warmer she loves to play ball. She keeps asking me are you sure I can’t play.  Jess is still hoping to get the ok when volleyball season starts.  I guess she is the type of person that keeps on looking a head instead of dwelling on what could have been.  She is remarkable.

Take care,


Sep. 12th, 2007


hi everybody!!  Its jessie here,and I just wanted to say thanks for posting on the site.  I am so sorry that i have not been writing lately!!!  :(    i have had at lot of homework to do, since i've been back at school, and i have not got the chance to write.  But i'd just like to say thanks again for the great comments!!!!  i luv you all!!!  ;   )    i'll make sure i write soon!!!!!!!! 

p.s.   i forgot to tell you how im have been feeling.  thanx to all of your prayers!!!!!  I know God has been answering them because i am feeling great!!!!   :)   i hope you all are doing great too!!!!!!   i luv you!!!!!!!!!

Sep. 4th, 2007

Update Sept 4, 2007

Jessi has had a great recovery this time.  The nurses at the hospital couldn’t believe how well she looked after her surgery.  Jess was much better off this go around.  She had no sensitivity the light and the sound did not bother her.  Her only complaints were when they removed the catheter from her femoral artery and had to have pressure applied for 50 minutes.  This was very painful for her.  The fever is completely gone now and the headaches come and go.  Jess feels good enough to get back to school today.  She only missed three days of school so it won’t be too much work to catch up on.  To look at this child makes you see the wonderful works of GOD.

God Bless,


Aug. 31st, 2007

update August 31, 2007


First of all I would like to tell each one of you THANK YOU for all of the prayers and support that has been given to Jessi and her family.  I wouldn’t even know how to explain just what it has been like going through what we have been through these past several months but I do know that you guys have made it easier on all of us.  Knowing that so many people are praying and are supporting us makes things a bit easier.  Terry and I will always be eternally grateful for the support we have been given.

Okay, I know that all sounds good but want you really want to know is how our girl is doing.  Well, yesterday when we got home from the hospital Terry, Jess, and I all took a much needed nap.  It felt so good being in your own bed.  When Jessi woke up she felt very warm and wanted me to take her temperature.  She had a temperature of 102.6 and a headache.  She has been having the headaches since the surgery.  I called her doctor and he said to give her some Tylenol and let him know in the morning if she still has fever.  She woke up this morning and had 101 and still has an headache.  I am waiting for the doctor to give me a call back.  I will keep you posted on how she is feeling and what the doctor said.

Aug. 30th, 2007


Sing to the Lord, all the earth!  Sing of His glorious name!  Tell the world how wonderful He is.

How awe-inspiring are your deeds, O God!  How great your power!  No wonder your enemies surrender!  All the earth shall worship You and sing of your glories.  Come, see the glorious things God has done.  What marvelous miracles happen to His people! 

Psalm 66:1-5


Jessi will be busting out the hospital today...hopefully pretty soon.  She is ready to get out of there.  She is having small headaches but regular tylenol is providing relief.  Doctor came in to talk to them this morning.  He told Jessi no band and no sports for a little while.  Jessi just wanted to know if she could go shopping.

As for any further treatment...in 6 weeks she will go in to have an MRA done (sort of like an MRI but it highlights the arteries.)  Then an angiogram after Christmas to check on the status of the aneurysms and to see how the extra coils worked in the large aneurysm.  

Thanks everyone for all the prayers.  They have truly been heard.  God is so at work here.  Jessi is feeling really good coming out of this surgery.  Her recovery is going really well.  Janice says that Jessi does not even look like she had surgery yesterday.  Keep them prayers going.  Keep her covered.  She is being blessed.  God is so good and deserving of all the honor and glory.  PRAISE THE LORD!!!!

Aug. 29th, 2007


First and foremost......PRAISE THE LORD!!!  Good news from the doctor.  The doctor came out and talked to the family.  He said surgery went well and he felt good about the surgery.  Here's the updates on the aneurysms...

Large aneurysm:
Was not any better than what they saw during the last angiogram.  It was still receiving blood flow so they put in more coils.  God-willing these coils will stop any blood flow to this aneurysm.  PRAISE THE LORD!!!

Medium aneurysm:
Not a problem.  100% taken care of.  Not receiving any blood flow.  PRAISE THE LORD!!!

Small aneurysm:
This one is more like a dilated artery.  They cannot block it off.  So it is just going to stay there and they will keep an eye on it.  They do not anticipate there being any problems with this one. 

Jessi will have another angiogram after Christmas to check on things and and Lord-willing they will see that the large aneurysm is 100% taken care of and not receiving any more blood flow.  HE WILL PROVIDE!!!

PRAISE THE LORD!!!   It went well.  God led the doctors to do the work that needed to be done and Jessi is on the road to recovery again.  Jessi will get to go home tomorrow.  Please continue to pray for her healing and a quick recovery.  Please pray for all God is doing in the lives of this family.  God is so good and really showing us

Blessings to all for your prayer covering you have given Jessi.  Know that God is so good and has heard your prayers.  To Him all glory and praise!!!!


Jessi is out of surgery.  She is recovering in the PICU.  The doctor had to go straight from her surgery to an emergency surgery so the family has not had chance to talk to the doctor yet.  All they do know is that there had to be some more coils put in, but as for specifics we just do not have that information yet.

Praise the Lord that He guided all aspects of Jessi's care.  Pray for His continued healing and for Jessi's full recovery.  Pray that He comforts her as she comes out of this surgery.

Update from the doctor will be posted as soon as it is received.


They just took Jessi back to surgery.  She was in great spirits and telling everyone about her vacation to Colorado.  She is just a remarkable little girl.  

Pile on the Prayers.  Keep them going.  Here's the big moment.  May God guide everyone who is caring for her.  Let Him be in their minds and hands leading them through the whole procedure.  We pray Psalm 91 over Jessi for God's protection and care.  

"Because she loves me," says the LORD, "I will rescue her; I will protect her, for she acknowledges my name..." 
(Psalm 91:14)


As of 8:30am this morning Jessi is at the hospital playing video games.  Someone in an emergency situation had to have surgery before Jessi this morning, so Jessi's surgery has been delayed for a little while.  This could take a hour or a 3 hours.  They really do not know as of yet.  But Jessi is surrounded by her family there and is taking it easy; challenging her aunts to video games.  We will let you know as soon as we know when Jessi goes in.

Until then P.O.P.------Pile On Prayers.  
Keep piling them on her.  Cover her with prayers.  Make it your priority today.  Send her name up to God.  He is listening.

Aug. 28th, 2007


I know everyone has been praying for Jessi and her family but let's have a big push for prayers again.  As Jessi goes in for surgery tomorrow let's cover her with prayers.  Pray for wisdom for her doctors, peace for her family, strength for Jessi and healing from our Almighty God.  

Matthew 18:20 
"For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them."

This is Jesus' words.  So gather in your homes; in your schools; at your places of business; at your churches.  Gather with your families; with your friends.  Gather in His name.  Lift Jessi up to our Father.  Pray in the name of Jesus our Savior.  The Lord will be with us in prayer and He will be with Jessi tomorrow.  Praise the Lord for His continued strength and healing.  He alone is all-knowing and all-powerful.  Let His glory be known.  Rely fully on Him!  He is our Healer and Redeemer!

Aug. 16th, 2007

Next surgery scheduled

I got a call from Jessi doctor yesterday and her re-scheduled surgery date will be on Aug. 29.  Jess is still having some problems with her vision but this is minor compared to what she could have been dealing with.  Please keep her in on prayers. Thanks again!

Aug. 13th, 2007

The voice knows

In my last entry I was telling you about one of Jessi doctors hearing a voice telling him not to do the surgery on Monday, he was afraid that if something would go wrong that the neurosurgeon would not be available. Well, I found out that on Monday, the day that she was suppose to have her surgery, the neurosurgeon had an emergency surgery to do so he probably would not have been able to be in Jessi’s surgery.  As I was explaining this story to someone in church Jessi over heard what I was saying and when we sat down she informed me that she too had a bad feeling about doing the surgery.  She said that she just had this feeling that something was going to go wrong.  You can take it for what you want but to me this is an example of how God communicates with us.  When we hear God speak to us we really should listen to “the voice”. 

Today was Jessi first day of 7th grade and she had a wonderful day.  She is looking forward to being back at school but not the homework that comes with it.  I must say she is looking good, she is in great spirits, feels great, and still has her positive attitude.  Oh and let’s not forget the beautiful smile that is always on her face.  Please keep Jessi in your prayers. She still has a few more hurdles to deal with but with your prayers and God intervention we look forward to a great outcome. 
I thought that you may want to see a recent photo of Jess so here is a picture of her first day of 7th grade

Aug. 4th, 2007

Surgery postponed

Yesterday evening I received a call from Jessi doctor which in the end result postpone her surgery until a later date.  He informed me that he has been having a voice in his head that keeps telling him not to do the surgery on Monday.  He also said that he has been going back in forth with these ideas but no matter what something tells him not to do it.  He just could not shake it from his mind.  He said that he knows that we were trying to do this before school started but he is more worried about Jess’ health than her catching up on school work.  The neurosurgeon will only be in town on Monday and he said that if something were to happen that we would be in a heap of trouble without him being around the days following the surgery.  Doc said that we could wait and everything goes fine than we would be saying, well we could have done it early, but he would rather be safe than sorry. I told him that I wanted him to listen to the voice. If you recall, a voice told him to put the coils in the aneurysm when he didn’t think that it would work because the aneurysm was a cluster of three. Later on when he was finish he found out that it was three separate aneurysms.  I am glad that he listen to the voice than because things could have ended up much worst.  As I am writing this it makes me realize just how close God is to us, we may not realize it but He is in our every thought.  Maybe we should listen to the voice more often in our everyday world.  Anyway, I will post the newest surgery date as soon as I know it. As for now it is back to school on Monday Aug. 13.

Aug. 2nd, 2007

(no subject)

It's getting close to the next angiogram, in fact it this Monday. I will make sure someone updates the site as we get information during the surgery.  I bet you are wondering how she has been feeling. Well, for the past couple of days she has been having vision problems again.  This time it was different from the pervious experiences and lasted much longer.  It is just hard not knowing why this is happening.  The doctor gives me a few possibilities but no deffident reasons.  I still believe that this is only minor compared to what she could be dealing with so I am very grateful for that.  We still have a positive outlook for this upcoming procedure.  We are hoping that the largest aneurysm is 100% blocked off and that the smallest one hasn't gotten any bigger and Jessi is hoping to have a very short stay in the hospital.  Even though we pray for certain things and everything we pray for may not always happen when WE want it to happen I just remember that God knows what we need and when we need it.  God will always provide for us, we just have to accept what he gives us.  He knows best. 

Jul. 25th, 2007

A Better Outlook

After trying to explain Jessi situation to someone yesterday I decided to add a sketch to help everyone understand better of just how thing look in her brain. This is the same drawing that her doctor uses to explain what is going on to us. I hope this helps clarified my explanations that I try to get across.  As of May 24, 07 the largest aneurysm was 90% occluded and the medium was 100% occluded.  I know that I have spoken about the important vessels, the ones that keep your heart beating and keep you breathing, in this picture you can clearly see just how close they are in relation to the largset aneurysm.  I hope this helps you better understand. 


Date Change

Jessi went to the doctor on Monday and the date of her next procedure was change to the 6th of August.  The doctor that does the coiling wanted to make sure that the neurosurgeon would be present during the angiogram because if the largest aneurysm was still getting blood in it he would at this time put more coils in it.  Remember that in the area where the aneurysm is it is a very delicate spot, while putting in the coils if any one of those "important vessels" gets blocked off it wouldn't be a good thing.  The neurosurgeon will also look at the smallest one to see if their is anything he could do to fix this one.

Personally I still think that everything will be ok, I totally trust in God and I know that he will take care of His child.  Jess still hasn’t changed her outlook and she pretty much feels the same way.  Her thoughts are “let’s get this over with so I can go back to school”. School starts just one week after her angiogram, hopefully this will be enough time for her to recoup.  She is so amazing that it takes a lot to keep her down for a long period time. So please keep those prayers going and let’s pray for the best outcome.

If anyone ever has any questions to what I write please ask and I will answer it the best that I can.

God Bless,


Jul. 21st, 2007

Next Surgury is scheduled

Jessi has a preoper doctors appointment on July 23rd and her next surgury date is scheduled for August 7th.  Hopefully everything will go just as well as last time so that she will be ready for school on August 13.  After the doctors appointment on Monday, I will post what her doctor plans to do during this next angiogram. 
As for now , Sunday we plan to go to Blue Bayou Water Park, this is one of Jessi's favorites places to go, thanks to Bissonet's PTO.  Bissonet is the elementary school that Jessi attended from K-5th grade.  Knowing just how much Jess loves water parks Bissonet's PTO gave our family tickets to attend.  Thanks PTO for the tickets.  I will post more on Tuesday.

Jul. 9th, 2007

(no subject)

Hello everyone,

It's time for an update on Jessi. Well, she is doing GREAT.  She hasn't had any headaches or any other symptoms since I last updated the website.  Nothing keeps this girl down for long, she is like the Everyready bunny, she keeps going and going.  In fact, the other day she was on a inflatable water slide going down backwards, head first, which made my heart stopping beating a bit but anyway, I told her not to do that anymore and her response was "Mom I just have to live my life, I'll be fine".  She has such a positive attitude.  From the beginning she has told me that she'll be fine and not to worry.  How can a parent not worry about their child.  That is impossible.  Well, when I do start to worry I slip into Jessi mode of thinking, God will take care of her, there is nothing I can do but to pray for her and He will do the rest. I must say I do have a new outlook on life since Jessi illness.  Look around you, treasure every thing that God has given you, it is a gift from Him.  They are so many things in our lives that we take for granted and we shouldn't.  She has been having a great summer, swimming, staying up late, sleeping late, enjoying time with family and friends.  Jessi was even in a fashion show this past weekend and had a wonderful time. She thanked me a thousdand times for letting her do it.  Jess is very talented and excels and very thing that she does. I guess that's why recovering for her aneurysm is so easy for her, it's just another task to tackle.  She will do the best that she can do.  All I can say is that she is an amazing child and I thank God each and everyday for sending her to me. Thank agin for all of your concerns and prays.
Love, Janice (Jessi's mom)

Jun. 23rd, 2007

update on Jess

I know that it has been a while since the last update and I am sure you are wondering how Jess is doing. Well she has been doing pretty good with occasional systoms (headaches, blurred vision, numbness).  The past two days she has headaches again it I think it worries her.  She keeps asking me: is this normal, why I am I having these headache. I wish that I did have the answer for her.  All I can tell her is that I don't know.  As you all know their are many things in our lives that we are in control of  but just as we see with Jessi there are something out of our hands and are in the hands of God.  I just keep praying that He takes care of her. 

Jun. 4th, 2007

Update June 4, 2007

Over the weekend Jessi had some numbness in her face, arm, and hand. She also had problems with her vision.  I called the doctor today and he said that their was nothing more that he could do at this point, we just have to ride it out and see what happens.  The doctor did tell me that it could be from a number of things and at this point he wouldn't do anything different.  The last MRI she took right before she went into the hospital it did show that she had a very small stroke at some point.  The doctor wasn't sure when the stroke took place whether it was during the bleed, during the coiling, or after and this too may have something to do with her symptoms.  So I guess to some all of this up...Jessi's life is in Gods hands and we just have to continue to trust and believe that he will do the best thing for her whatever it may be.    Please continue to pray for Jessi. Thank you.   

    P.S. I thought that y'all may want to see a recent picture of Jess. This was taken in May at her award ceremony for school.  Pictured with Jessi is her mom, Janice (that would be me) and her dad Terry.  As you can see she is looking much better than before.

May. 28th, 2007

God is with us

Some of you guys already experienced what the power of prayer can do, others may believe that it works but are not aware how powerful it really is, and there are those of you that are in disbelief, the doubting Thomas’.  Well, for months now there have been many, many people praying of Jessi, most of whom never ever got to meet this sweet child of God but prayed for her anyway.  In the beginning, Jessi destination was unknown; doctors were telling us that it didn’t look good.  This is the time when the prayers started, one person would ask another to pray for this child and then it just snowballed.  Before you know it there were people praying for her and her family all around the world. WOW!  Around the world, that is huge.  We know that in the Bible it says, " Again, I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven.  For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them".  As you continue to read you will see just how He was with us though this joureny.  Yes, in the beginning Terry and I was in shock, we just couldn’t believe this was happening to a perfectly healthy child.  After all she was born six weeks early without any complications and at the time is when Terry and I totally put my trust in the Lord.  I knew than, that everything would be okay if you only trust and believe in Him.  She turned out just fine and has lead a healthy life up into now.  And here 11 years later we are faced with another life threaten situation with our daughter.  After the shock there was only one thing to do and that was to trust in God, to have faith in Him.  I realized that I had to totally trust God on this matter even if it met losing my daughter.  I told God, and later found out that Terry told Him the same thing, that for whatever reason if He had to take her home to heaven that I was okay with it. I knew He would do whatever He thought was best.  I totally trusted in Him.  This was the hardest thing I EVER did in my life, willing to give up my child to God.  Anyway, as days gone by and still little hope, I felt totally at peaceful with what surrounded me.  I knew that the Holy Spirit was with me.  Think to yourself.  What parent would be at peace faced with what we were faced with.  The answer would be none if they were no such thing as the Holy Spirit.  The peace that the Holy Spirit bought to Terry, Jessi and myself was remarkable.  God gave us the comfort that we needed when we needed it.  Even at one point when Jessi was in the operating room I actually felt God’s hands on my shoulders.  I asked Him, and am sure that you did too, to be with me and He was.  I knew that everything would be okay.  This is the time when the doctor came out with great news.  The cluster, like a clover, of aneurysm turned out not to be one but three separate aneurysm, which were fixable.  For some reason as I am typing this, the thought of the Holy Trinity can into my thoughts. I am not sure why but anyway back to the story.  I have never actually felt God’s presence before this experience. I always believe that God was with us and knew that the Holy Spirit was with me but never before did I feel Him touch me.  The good Lord has never let Jessi, Terry or myself doubt that everything would not be okay. As I saw people and they would say “you are holding up so well”.  I would respond with “that I have this feeling that everything is going to be fine.”  I guess that the good Lord has heard all of the prayers that were being said for His child and He was letting me know that everything would be okay.  The faith that Jessi has in the Lord and with the prayers said for her, her attitude has been unbelievable.  Even though she is only 12, she is fully aware of her situation and realizes what the out come could be, she stills says “don’t worry, everything will be okay”.  Never once did I here her say “why me Lord”.  Well, with the positive attitude and with the many prayers Jessi is looking and feeling great.  The latest news is that the medium aneurysm is 100% occluded and opposes Jessi no threat, the largest one is 95% at this time and the coils still have time to occlude it completely.  That is with God’s help it will be 100% when she goes back to get another angiogram in August, and the smallest one, well let’s say we need to keep the prayers going.  The doctor said that this aneurysm is a fusiform type, which means the aneurysm bulges out on all sides.  The only way to fix this one is to block of the whole vein and that would give her a stroke.  At this point with a healthy person he is not going to do that at this time.  So with the help of the continual prayers everything will be all right.  So, if you are the doubting Thomas hopefully you can clearly see that the power of pray does work.  Jessi and her family are living proof that the good Lord does listen to us and that he is there for us.  Remember, if you believe in Him and trust in Him, everything will be OKAY.

          Thank you for taking the time to read this.  I hope that though our experience you too have gotten closer to God just as I did.  I will continue to update the site weekly and let you know how Jess is doing.  Jessi will have another angiogram in August to see how things stand with the largest and smallest aneurysm.   Thank you once again from the bottom of our hearts for all the prayers and concerns that you have shown for our family.

May. 24th, 2007


Today all that was done was an angiogram.  The doctor was happy with the results.  He is sending her home this evening.  She can do anything but play soccer.

The medium sized aneurysm is history, it is no longer a problem and the doctor is 99% sure that it will no longer be a problem in the future.

 The huge monster aneurysm has occluded down 95%.  And he is expecting that  the stuff impregnated in it (the coils) will continue to close it off.  So he is still waiting to see about this one and didn't think it was wise to mess with it today.

The mini aneurysm is more like a little blob than a real aneurysm.  There really isnt any place to put a coil without blocking off a whole artery.  Occluding that would cause a stroke, and that is just not worth it.

She will go back in for another angiogram at the end of the summer.  At that time, the coils in the monster aneurysm will be at 100% and he will know from there the prognosis for that aneurysm.  

So Jessi is looking good and doing good.
Just the look on the doctor's face says so much more than what we can tell you.  He is so relieved which is such a relief to all of us.

I can't wait to see her in a few hours!!!
Much love, 
-Emi (Jessi's cousin)

Gone In For Surgery

Hi everybody.  Time to really get those prayers flowing again.  I just got the word that Jessi has gone in for surgery  (8:35AM).
I will continually post updates as more information becomes available.
Again, we appreciate all the prayers, and thank you a million times!

-emily (Jessi's cousin)

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